Customer Comments

Steven Lee Davis ~ Nashville, Tennessee

I received the following letter from Mr. Steven Lee Davis:

Dear Steven,

Stunning, Splendid, Awe-Inspiring, Wondrous, Magnificent, Transfixing, Hypnotic, Transcendent, Exciting, Stimulating. Endlessly Fascinating. Your work resides in a dimension beyond the word, for it is an experience you create. Your art is a reflection ~ a reminder of the essence, mystery, and beauty in the world. To create it one must see it and know it on a soul level so that it is pouring forth from the beauty and reverence for it ~ from within.

Forever grateful,
Steven Lee Davis

A word about Steven Lee Davis: Steven called me and placed this order in late 2004. He mentioned he was building a home in Nashville and wanted his display in early 2005. We talked several times and I found out that Steven is a singer with a truly magical voice. He sings romantic songs. I asked him to please send me his CD titled "Remember Romance". Thankfully he did. I put the CD in the player and laid back with a glass of wine. I really did not know what to expect. Well, I was amazed at how beautiful Steven's voice is. Rex Reed once wrote "Where will tomorrow's Tormes, Tony Bennets, and Sinatras, come from? To start, Steven Lee Davis". Florence and I are lucky to have this wonderful music in our lives. I told Steven many times, if you like my butterfly art half as much as I like your musical art, I will be very happy. I guess he was. Thank you Steven and much success in your musical career.

Autographed CD cover from Steven Lee Davis:

"Our Masterpiece"

Nick & Shelley ~ Simi Valley, California

Dr. Steve Russell ~ Orinda, California

Dr. Steve Russell
93 Moraga Way #201
Orinda, CA 94563
Telephone: (925) 253-0165

Give him a call; he is a wonderful dentist and most of all a great guy!

My name is Steven Russell and I am known as the "Butterfly Dentist". The short version explanation for this began in Costa Rica on a family vacation where we all fell in love with the amazing variety of butterflies and moths fluttering by. Then, I had the good fortune of meeting Steven Albaranes a famous artist who creates sculptures of butterflies, and a friendship began. His work is displayed prominently in our office and my work is evident every time Steven smiles.

Hello Steven, Thought you might want to know the package arrived today and "stunning" and "absolutely gorgeous" were the words my wife used to describe the contents. I felt the same way. Your work really has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Thanks! We will do business again in the future. Cliff Roche

Steven, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful new exotic butterfly art display. It looks fabulous on my wall and is a fine addition to my personal décor. My new display will be admired and cherished for years to come... Sarah Johnson

Steven, They flew in just this morning! My husband and I think you out did yourself. The last one was great! This one is superb! In other words we love it! We would recommend you to anyone. You have a lot of choices and you are definitely customer oriented. We will be ordering from you in the future. Thank you so much! Sandra Mahanna

Steven, Just a short note to let you know how much we enjoy the butterflies. We installed the butterflies in the entryway. The butterflies are perfect in this location. Not only are they the centerpiece of the living room, they are seen every time one walks down the hallway. Due to the lighting changes, the butterflies are sometimes front lit and sometimes backlit. Therefore they are always providing new and exciting views. Thank you, Bob and Victoria Johnson
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