In 1989, when I first became fascinated by the beauty of exotic butterflies, I was only interested in the ones with the most spec- tacular colors and the most alluring looks. Though I had no desire to collect them, I did think that they could be arranged creatively and displayed as works of art. While searching for a source for these exotic creatures, I learned that commercial breeding farms exist overseas and also that the butterflies that these farms sell are of varying degrees of quality. Because I wanted the art I intended to create with these butterflies to be the very best, I insisted on acquiring only the top level; A/1 museum quality.

After three years of "trial and error" and perfecting my art, what had begun as a hobby for my own enjoyment soon blossomed into a thriving business. Although most of the displays I create now are for clients, I give those just as much, if not more, attention and care as I would to pieces I would make for my own home. Creating these unique displays may be my business, but it most definitely is not my job. Working with these winged and elegant works of nature and showcasing their beauty is my passion. And, because I care so much about my butterfly art, I never compromise on the quality of either the butterflies or the acrylic frames in which they're displayed. Everything used to create my art is the same A/1 quality.

All the exotic butterflies that I use are purchased from commercial butterfly breeding farms located primarily in South America and Indonesia. None of them are captured or killed for my art nor are any of them endangered species. With their life spans being approximately three weeks, they flourish in natural surroundings in these enclosed plantations (a designated area is netted off), then die naturally.

Once the butterflies are mounted in the airtight crystal clear acrylic displays, they are timelessly preserved for a lifetime of enjoyment. I sign and date each display.
My Butterfly Art makes the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays or any special occasion. Surround yourself with the beauty of nature and decorate your home or office with the Elegant Art of Real Exotic Butterflies.

Please feel free to call me personally to discuss any questions you may have. I can be reached between 9 AM and 6 PM PST.
Local (650) 345-8595. San Mateo, California.

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